Start saving money
by fully automating
your invoice processing

Eliminate manual touch from your invoice process.
Automate the capture, data extraction, routing and
archiving of invoices for a straight, untangled workflow.

Yes, I want to automate my invoice process

If you’re still using paper-based processes nowadays, you may be lagging behind your competitors.
Kick off digitization in your business this year and head into the new decade as a digital-first leader in your industry.

According to APQC (American Productivity & Quality Center), organizations pay up to $12.50 to process an invoice. Delays and headaches are not surprising when you consider the stream of paper and electronic invoices in different formats, with different accounting details, demanding far too much manual input.

Some DocuWare customers

DocuWare Kinetic Solutions for Invoice Processing

Save money and forget about your pain in manual invoice processing

Implement a modern, cloud-based document management solution to digitize your paper documents. Automate your key processes.

A centralized, digital information system lets your multiple office locations and remote employees to easily access the relevant information they need, when they need it.

Yes, I want to automate my invoice process

Achieve fast ROI with cloud

Eliminate high upfront costs with a subscription pricing model and extremely low professional services, and quickly get your finance team to full productivity.

DocuWare Kinetic Solutions for Invoice Processing is a preconfigured solution for automating your invoice workflow and maintaining an integrated, compliant archive.

Your team will love the intuitive and beautifully designed user interface!

DocuWare integrates with hundreds of financial applications

See how it works!

What Other Clients Say

Since implementing our AP workflow with DocuWare, our accounting team has decreased the average time to process a batch of invoices from a little over a day to less than one hour. This increase in productivity allows us to both pay our vendors and bill our customers more quickly.

Overall, we were able to reduce the number of missing invoice returns by an incredible 97 percent and reduce our receivables accordingly. Cash flow grew by the same amount over the same period.

The cloud solution was exactly what we were looking for. Knowing everything on the back end is taken care of, allows us to focus on our clients.

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