Ever wondered why the hell you should go paperless? Well here are the reasons:





#1 ? Loss in productivity

One platform to store all your documents and information.

This enables you and your team to easily create, collaborate, send and manage your documents.

#2 ? Keeping track of work

It gets difficult managing who has done what work and changes to which document.

Avoid interruptions of your user work flow and properly track documents.

#3 ? Paper documents are expensive

It takes less effort to digitize your documents as compared to filing, organizing and storing paper.

#4 ⏳ Avoid searching

Avoid searching in emails, on the desktop, in Dropbox or on a network share.

Start finding what your searching for.

#5 ? Portability is important

Information stored on a single computer is useless for your organization.

A cloud based document management system is necessary to help employees share information with other colleagues and increase productivity.

#6 ?‍♂️ Version nightmare

Let’s say a document is shared among some members having rights to edit the document.

You guess it.

One person makes changes on the document and saves it. But that updated version doesn’t reach the other members.

If you and your teammates are facing these issues DocuWare will definitely help you and your organization